Productivity Built Around How You Work


Campaign Execution

Track your team’s progress n on campaigns, creatives, and anything in between

Data-Driven Activity

Bottoms-up tasks into high-level marketing metrics / goals (CPC, CPA, ROAS) to ensure your team is focused on the right activity that drives the business

Manage collaboration

Get your full-stack marketing team or agency in sync on tasks to ensure maximum efficiency

Product / Engineering

Increase Velocity

Daily tracking of goals, completions and blockers helps your eng team stay in sync and exceed product delivery velocity

Optimise Standups

Automated email digests keeps your team prepped before each stand up. Make every engineer proactively aware on the team’s progress

Accurate Estimations

No more guesswork and poor scoping exercises. Ensure other business stakeholders are aware of bandwidth, load, and blockers of your team without a single meeting


Reduce Manual Entry

Have your team collaborate on tasks and enter their own accomplishments and completed goals to speed up annual reviews and publications

Speed Up Content Creation

Whether it’s course curriculum or scholarship programs, ensure all your faculty members are on the same page on collaboration and finished tasks

Reduce Overhead

More updates on team tasks results in less meetings so your faculty have time to focus on what matters – meeting university requirements and improving student lives


Track Hours/Billing

Categorize tasks by hours and billing and automate audit-able time spent on each project

Share Progress with Clients

No more manual updates to clients on what work is being done. Build confidence by sharing your team’s completed tasks with your clients

Optimize Costs

Ensure your team is focused on the right tasks to maximize profits and reduce wasted time, resources, and efforts for better cost management


Increase Sales Efficiency

Ensure your sales teams are focused on what matters. Closing deals and scaling up revenue.

Reduce Communication Noise

Daily digests reminds the team on daily progress of each deal so there isn’t redundant communication to customers

Celebrate Wins

Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual updates to the team on deals sourced and closed ratios based on tasks completed